Our development

With global headquarters in France, Biocodex has expanded its geographic footprint over the past 10 years and today operates through 16 affiliates and long-term partnerships in other countries. Through this international network, Biocodex offers health solutions to patients in more than 100 countries.

Biocodex’s international expansion

Biocodex development timeline from 1953 to 2023

Biocodex’s global presence

Biocodex has subsidiaries in Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Nordics (Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.

Biocodex has found a balance between building a global network and maintaining a strong local focus. The combination of strategic local investments and selected partnerships has enabled the company to successfully expand worldwide. Our valued subsidiaries, employees and partners play an essential role in meeting our development goals.



Chief Executive Officer at BIOCODEX

“I am committed to pursuing Biocodex’s development and transformation through teamwork. We will grow while remaining agile by capitalizing on our values.”

Biocodex’s global sales breakdown

Map of the world showing Biocodex's global sales breakdown for 2022 by geographical zones

Biocodex’s global development

Biocodex’s development is closely linked to employee empowerment, entrepreneurial spirit and agility. We believe teamwork and engagement are as important as strategy.

Our teams are dedicated to strengthening:

  • Biocodex’s pillars: the Microbiota Mission, orphan drugs and women’s health
  • Our worldwide brands through a strong digital marketing strategy
  • Our partnerships with new product developments