Biocodex in USA

Our values

At Biocodex, our value system begins at our roots. We are an independent and family-owned company. We pride ourselves on being humanistic, humble and delivering high quality service and products. Out of those roots grows our four main corporate values: We Care for our Ecosystem, We Dare to Innovate, We Shape Fair Relations and We Play Collectively.

Biocodex DNA

Biocodex values were born based on a collective work, mainly through internal workshops with contributors from the group’s teams around the world.

They define Biocodex DNA as a family; an independent and humanist company built with humility, always putting the quality of our products at the center of Biocodex’s actions for patients and customers. Biocodex is anchored in a fertile soil, the group’s view of the world, decidedly positive. It has the capability to invest, develop, seize opportunities and attract new talents, firmly believing that tomorrow is an opportunity.

Four values come to light from Biocodex soil and DNA, to engage and move all teams forward. They are ambitious driving forces for all teams and, ultimately, for all of Biocodex stakeholders.

Biocodex’s values


We dare to innovate, and accept to get it wrong sometimes, to provide solutions and treat with the same empirical and pragmatic spirit: « We test and learn ».

This value helps us lead the market of microbiota, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to anticipate and identify future market opportunities. It is a driving force of internal entrepreneurship, subsidiarity and responsibility allowing us to grow while remaining agile.


Together we are stronger for growth, improvement and to conquer new territories. 

We foster listening, sharing experiences, feedback and passing on learnings between teams beyond cultural and generational differences. We value everyone as a team member, build a trusting environment to make each employee a BIOCODEX ambassador.


We act loyal, with honesty and in fairness with all our stakeholders.

It is visible between our collaborators, in the way we do business and develop long-term and equitable partnerships.

This value guides us in all our dealings within or while representing BIOCODEX.


We care for one another, and for the health and well-being of our patients.

It leads us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, go well beyond the compliances obligations towards clients and society.

It engages us to be an ethical, a corporately responsible and an environmentally friendly company.

Individually and collectively we must embody and use our values in our decision making to build proofs that will lift us to our collective desire and willingness to evolve.